Co-location offers a reliable infrastructure, fast connectivity and 24x7 network monitoring. Colocating your operations in an AboveNet Data Center, you take advantage of the industry's most advanced power, security, network and fire suppression technologies. Our state-of-the-art data centers are built to ensure efficient, reliable and continuous operations - even in the event of severe natural or man-made catastrophes. AboveNet has 23 data centers located throughout the United States, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. Abovenet Data Center facilities feature a variety of co-location options. Whether you require only co-location or a fully managed hosting solution, you can choose from community or private cages in a preset or a custom configuration to meet your specific needs.

Each AboveNet Data Center features:

• Access to the AboveNet private optical network
• Continuous power supply (CPS) flywheel generators and diesel backup generators
• Comprehensive security including monitoring, single point of entry, locked cages and vaults, and full-motion surveillance cameras in secure areas
• Built to withstand earthquakes, flooding, and other natural disasters
• State-of-the-art fire suppression

Interconnection Solutions
AboveNet provides interconnection services to multiple networks within our co-location facilities. Customers who wish to connect to neutral carriers, such as PAIX, or other networks available in the data center receive physical space in our Common Area Main Distribution Frame.

In addition to co-location facilities, we offer a variety of managed solutions to help you managed the complexities of your infrastructure. To review the services we offer, click here, or fill out our sales form to have a representative contact you.