Dark Fiber

Meeting Demand At A Fixed Cost
Every first year economy student is taught that as demand increases prices follow. AboveNet is changing the way that bandwidth is priced. When you lease AboveNet dark fiber the cost of your fiber will never go up, no matter how much bandwidth you utilize. MFN fiber is priced at a fixed-cost.

With AboveNet's dark fiber, you can meet your growing bandwidth demands both quickly and cost-effectively. When you lease dark fiber from AboveNet you gain your own private optical network giving you the flexibility, security, and reliability you need to manage your own infrastructure today and for years to come while keeping cost constant.

Staying ahead of demand
With currently available technology, a single strand of fiber can transmit over 2 terabits of information per second - this number is increasing rapidly. Utilizing AboveNet's optical fiber you not only meet your growing need for bandwidth but you stay ahead of the demand curve by adding more capacity quickly and cheaply.

With AboveNet's dark fiber optical network you gain the benefits of:

Unparalleled security
As the only user of your fiber you can rest assured that no other traffic is on your network and no one can access your data. Not simply just a secure network, but a sovereign one.

Since you control your own infrastructure you decide how much capacity to use and the types of equipment that best meet your needs.

Whether you choose to utilize one of AboveNet's managed optical solutions or run your own network, you have a wide range of transport protocols and applications available to use:

• Disaster Recovery • IP • Storage Networks • SONET • Data Mirroring
• DWDM • Video Conferencing • ATM • Distance Learning • Gigabit Ethernet

AboveNet can provide the expertise to manage or assist you in managing your network. We offer a wide variety of network services and connectivity options.