SiteBackup & Storage

Insure Your Site Against Data Loss
SiteBackup is a highly available, secure data backup and recovery solution offered at a fixed monthly fee. Using industry-leading components, SiteBackup is your insurance policy against data loss. You leverage AboveNet's highly available backup and storage system at a fraction of the cost you would incur if you were to build this yourself.

AboveNet Managed Service
As a AboveNet managed service, SiteBackup handles data backup and recovery for you. You'll save time and resources while maintaining the flexibility of your site knowing that your data is secure.

Weekly and Incremental Backups
SiteBackup backs up all data you specify to remote tape drives housed within the data center. We perform a full backup every seven days as well as incremental daily backups.

Proven Components
SiteBackup uses time-tested, top-of-the-line components from leading vendors. We stay on top of new technologies to ensure our hardware and software is always up to date.

With our extensive experience in designing and managing storage arrays, we develop and manage RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disc) and SAN (Storage Area Networks) storage solutions that fit the needs of your business. We offer direct-attached storage solutions tailored to fit your site today, and scale on demand as your business grows.

If your business requires a storage-on-demand utility service we work with you and our Storage Service Providers who deliver the leading storage technologies to support your business requirements