IP Transit

IP Transit Services from AboveNet overcome bandwidth limitations by giving you fast, reliable IP connectivity to the Internet within all major metropolitan areas-all over AboveNet's optical Internet long-haul backbone. AboveNet IP Transit Services ensure that your data arrives quickly and reliably, whether you need easily managed Internet access from your cage in an AboveNet Data Center or direct access to the Internet backbone.

AboveNet IP Transit Services also give you a cost-effective path to AboveNet's extensive dark fiber infrastructure, which provides virtually unlimited, unmetered bandwidth at a fixed cost as well as access to our IP backbone. With AboveNet, you can control the growth and development of your own, private, facilities-based network and gain the benefits of dark fiber-unlimited capacity, speed, flexibility, security and reliability.

Access Based on Your Needs
AboveNet IP Transit Services are designed to meet your specific requirements for IP connectivity. They include:

Simple Internet Access - This cost-effective service provides easily managed Internet access from your cage in an AboveNet Data Center. Once your order is complete, we'll provide you with a gateway IP address, DNS address and IP address, and turn on your connection, typically within 24 hours.

Direct Internet Access - For carriers and enterprises that need the fastest and most robust Internet connectivity available, this service extends Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routes directly to you, giving you the ability to effectively control your Internet traffic. We can connect you from a variety of POPs, including telco hotels, PAIX locations and AboveNet Data Centers.

Highest Levels of Reliability
AboveNet IP Transit Services ensure that your customers never find your network unavailable. In fact, our Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) guarantee 100 percent uptime. Multiple, redundant fiber connections into data centers eliminate any single point of failure and the possibility of downtime from man-made or natural disasters. Redundant network connections are also available.

IP Transit Services Highlights:
• Direct paths to the Internet from all major metro areas over a 100% fiber optic network
• Lightning-fast connectivity, with speeds up to OC-48 (OC-192 in some locations)
• Rich peering relationships put you closer to destination networks on the Internet
• Redundant fiber connections eliminate single points of failure
• 100% uptime SLAs
• Massively over-provisioned network ensures bandwidth availability
• "On-net" direct routing to major providers such as AOL and MSN
• Flexible connection options
• Cost-effective path to MFN's dark fiber infrastructure, which offers unlimited, unmetered bandwidth at a fixed cost.